Child, youth, couples, family and individual adult counselling is available from all five of our counsellors for a wide range of reasons. Please see our biography section for a full description of counsellor specializations.

Family Counselling

We invite all family members, including foster families and extended family members, to participate in family counselling, with the belief that change can happen through interactions and connections that are handled with care in this setting.

Youth Substance Misuse Counselling

We work with youth and their families at any stage of their substance misuse, and in collaboration with other services as needed/requested. We understand substance misuse as a response to troubling life circumstances, and we aim to connect with young people on their terms in order to understand the individual and situational logic that has led to substances. Alternate location appointments available upon request.

Couples Counselling

We are a network of Counsellors committed to meeting the diverse and individualized needs of all couples. We honour the courage required for this process, and fully protect the confidentiality of everybody involved.

Clinical Supervision

We provide Clinical Supervision for professionals working as counsellors, mental health professionals, transition home workers, street outreach workers, and supervisors in the social service sector. Group supervision and supervision by Skype is also available.

Victims of Violence Counselling

We work for victims of violence, past or present, in order to reclaim dignity, identify the ways in which she responded and resisted the violence, and how the quality of social responses have impacted ‘recovery’.

Consulting & Training

We work with organizations and professionals to provide consulting and training in the area of working with issues of Violence, both victims and perpetrators. More information can be found at

Children and Youth with Special Needs Counselling

We work with children, youth and their families to identify their abilities, the supports required in order to achieve their optimal success, and identifying an integrated approach. Written plans are available upon request.

Athlete Counselling

We work with athletes, parents and coaches at all levels of performance in order to enhance their overall health, including their emotional well-belling. Like everyone else, athletes face pressures and responsibilities of day-to-day living. They encounter stress, anxiousness, traumatic events, and adversity. In addition, athletes face an added complex layer of performance pressures, time constraints, and having a team and/or coach relying on them. Athletes face a unique set of circumstances and pressures to compete at a high level in their sport, while at the same time juggling the day-to-day challenges of living. They may face oppression, adversity, and a variety of responses to their obligations and commitments. We support athletes, parents of athletes, and coaches through these dilemmas and help them find balance between competition and the emotional health of being involved in sport.

Children and Youth Counselling

We specialize in a broad range of concerns that pertain to children and youth, including special needs, autism diagnosis, experiences of violence and/or trauma, substance misuse, eating disorders, and relationship challenges.

Eating Disorder Counselling

We work with individuals, families, youth, and couples to understand the suffering and impact that challenges with one’s body image can bring. Eating disorders can be attributed to many things; societal pressures, traumatic experiences, social responses, and/or genetic influence. In order to achieve optimal health we work to invite understanding and connection to those suffering with their relationship to food, their bodies, and the impact of social and personal expectations.

Views of the Child Reports

We specialize in ‘Views of the Child’ reports for families where assistance is required to determine the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ when Family Law is involved to settle disputes. We include minimally 2 interviews with each child, and an interview with each parent in order to understand the context and history of the family.

Organizational Consulting and Clinical Supervision

We provide organizational consulting & clinical supervision to Transition Homes, Shelter Services, Sexualized Assault Services, Youth Programs, and other organizations in the social service sector. We are interested in working alongside staff and management to create alignment between daily practice, organizational structure, and governing policies within organizations.

Tell it like it is!

“Tell it like it is!” is an international web-based network set up to promote accurate descriptions in cases of violence against children. wholesale jerseys We want to reveal the unilateral (one-sided) nature of the violence, accurately assign responsibility to offenders, acknowledge children’s responses and resistance to the violence, and avoid blaming children. To protect and uphold the dignity of children, let’s “Tell it like it is!”

The violation and rape of a child should not be called “child sex tourism,” “sex with a child,” or “child prostitution.” These and similar terms change extreme violence into wrongful sex.

Many thanks to our colleague in Sweden, Susann Sward, who has been a great source of wisdom and inspiration.